Untold Tales Reveal

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We are Untold Tales, a specialist publisher that loves games with a great stories.

Who we are? As of now there’s around 10 of us in total. We all left Techland at various points in our careers to join other teams and endeavours, but mainly it was to build up experience and knowhow outside the AAA echo chamber. We’ve now been part of multiple game launches, worked with devs from all over the world and ridden the waves of changes that keeps proving there needs to be more agile publishers who treat devs like partners and not manufacturers.

We offer a various range of services related to game production & development, marketing & promotion, business & investment and other services which simply will make your game successful.

We will bring The Hong Kong Massacre – the stylish slow-motion manipulation top down shooter by Swedish devs VRESKI – to the Nintendo Switch. This will follow with the atmospheric and twisted Beautiful Desolation – the isometric adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic Africa from renowned South African devs The Brotherhood – coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch. A third unannounced PC and console title is currently in the works for a later reveal.

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That’s all about us. What’s your story?