Hello stranger! If you are here it means we have a common interest in  at least one thing – curiosity. That’s good.

So, you’re looking for a job? Hey look at that! We even sometimes have some to offer! Browse our listings below and see if something matches you. Even if we don’t have a ‘traditional’ job offer posted that matches you, get in touch anyway. We’re still growing so for all we know, you’re exactly the kind of person we need. 

But will I even be a good fit you ask. Well ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you like indie games? (Call of Duty or God of War might not count anymore)
  • Do you appreciate open & honest relations and feedback?
  • Do you have a very particular set of skills in the area of <put here your specialization>?

If all your answers are YES then continue browsing this page. If not, you can use always use the magic shortcut CTRL + W / CMD + W and we wish you a great day.

Still here? this GIF is for you:

Well look at that! You have passed our initial “test” and you are exactly the type of person we are looking for. And if you want to better understand why we’re a different kind of game publisher you can read about it here. Put simply, we want to cut the crap in how a lot of traditional game publishing is done – from cooperation with devs, how we publish games, our approach to community and last but not least – taking care of our employees.

 If we say: “you’re an important part of our team” – we mean it. Our contracts are clear and concise, there is no room for hindering non-compete clauses (you can work for any other gaming company except other publishers), we offer attractive salaries etc. Bam! That’s it. Below is a list of our active job offers. Apply if you got the skills or just send us an email at if you think you’re someone our team just might need.

Review our current employment offers:

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