About us


Untold Tales is an indie publishing label with a focus on games that have an interesting story to tell. We help dev teams successfully deliver their digital masterpieces to a wider audience across multiple platforms. While we don’t focus on any specific genre, our most trusted guiding light is games that offer remarkable joy and narrative.

Presenting the sum total of our experience as some big flashy number feels as useful as a speedrun in a story-rich game. Instead, here’s a selection of titles our team has worked on in the past to give you an idea of what we’ve achieved:

The Witcher series, Dying Light 1 & 2, Dying Light: Bad Blood, Torment: Tides of Numenera, The Sinking City, Arise: A simple story, Aragami, Pure Farming 2018, God’s Trigger

We work with developers that we feel we can do great work for and whose games we’d love to play ourselves. Our plan is to publish only a select handful of games per year. So your creation is and will always be a priority for us – not just another title on some checklist, needed to close the fiscal quarter. Thanks to both our AAA & indie game experience we know how to market and deliver games. We also firmly believe that single-player games continue to have a bright future, as does retail.

Untold Tales offers a range of various services related to:

Production / Development
Business / Investment
Marketing & PR

We abide by a strong developer-first mentality. In our story, developers are the main heroes in this adventure. We’re just the trusted side-kick that helps guide the way and carry the burden.

Meet the team

Meet the core of our team. Those gents and the other members of the Untold Tales team will be always here to bring the best, untold stories to the market.

  • Maciej Łączny – CEO,
  • Paweł Skaba – Head of Marketing