Community Manager

Job offer display style:

Here at Untold Tales, we are not afraid of trying new things. However, everything has its limits! That’s why instead of serving the same content across all channels, making dad jokes, and watching another TikTok Masterclass on Udemy, we have decided to find the right person for the role of Content Creator/Brand Ambassador.

We know how to drive tailored marketing campaigns, increase wishlists, and do everything possible to make our games stand out. But we strongly believe that the future of video games lies in the hands of young people who prefer buying games online after watching their favorite video content creators, rather than going to their favorite retail store.

So, what are we looking for?

  • Being the voice (and face!) of our publishing label to players.
  • Building and engaging our own community and that of our signed games.
  • Crafting attractive content for our channels, including both text and video (with support from our own video and 2D graphic designers).
  • Managing our communications on channels like TikTok, Twitter, Twitch, and Instagram (and for older folks, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.).
  • Maintaining relationships with developers and partners.
  • Collaborating with marketing, development, and other departments to get things done.

Among your side quests, you’ll find:

  • Contributing to team decisions, brainstorms, and social meetings.
  • Identifying community leaders and empowering them to contribute to the larger community.
  • Delivering reports and summaries (who doesn’t love a good PowerPoint or Excel spreadsheet?).
  • Collecting and sharing community feedback regarding our published games and discussing it with our developers.

What we need from our content wrangler:

  • A natural talent for building relationships and fostering discussions, along with the ability to shine in front of the camera.
  • Experience with video production and image editing.
  • Some proven experience in building and managing content channels/streams (gaming-related experience is a major bonus and preferable).
  • Familiarity with and proficiency in various online platforms, such as TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Discord, Steam forums, Twitch, Reddit, etc.
  • Strong command of both written and spoken English (knowledge of Polish is not required, and we’ll even teach you all the good swear words to make you feel included).

This is a full-time role with options for both remote (international) and Poland-based positions.

We offer you the joy of bringing truly unique games to life. We take pride in signing titles that have something worth sharing and deserve the spotlight. Our environment is respectful, inclusive, and values everyone’s feedback as a priority in our publishing decisions. We foster a friendly and casual atmosphere, with diverse and interesting projects co-created with developers from around the world. We are not a corporation; we put our people before any product. We all have families, pets, hobbies, and passions, and we believe work should never overwhelm them.

We do not set strict guidelines or salary ranges. We are open to negotiation to ensure you receive what you feel you deserve. Please note that we reserve the right to respond to only selected applications.

Contract Type
Poland / Remote
Job Description

The Untold Tales team needs a Community Manager to join our raiding party. If you need a quick rundown of what Untold Tales is all about, and what it means to have a career with us or simply learn a bit more about our way you can read one of the interviews we gave (ENG or PL).

First and foremost, we’re looking for passion, commitment, transparency, honesty, a hint of dark humor, and professionalism. So, if you got that and you also know how to build a strong & dedicated Community, then we’re in business.

Daily Responsibilities

So, what should our Community Manager be capable of? Well, your main storyline with us would include quests like:

  • Act as the voice (and face if you like!) of our publishing label to the players. And the other way around – be the voice of our community to the entire UT team
  • Build & engage our own community (simple as that!)
  • Craft the community management/comms strategies for each game we publish, in cooperation with the marketing team
  • Implement community management actions and monitor forums, social channels etc.
  • Playing the Games we publish
  • Maintaining relationships with Developers and Partners
  • Cooperation with marketing, development and other departments

Among your side quests you will find:

  • Contribution team decisions, brainstorms, and social meetings
  • Identify community leaders and enable them to contribute to the larger community
  • Deliver reports and summaries (we love Powerpoint Decks and Excel spreadsheets)
  • Collect and share community feedback regarding our published games + talk about it with our devs
  • Be natural in building relations and discussions, ideally if you don’t mind being recorded (AKA from time to time it’s great to make a livestream)
  • Proven experience in building and managing communities (if it’s gaming-related you get 10/10 score),
  • You know how to use all those fancy platforms and apps like: Twitter, FB, Discord, Steam forums, Twitch, Reddit, TikTok (srsly?) = we believe that less is more and we simply want to be were our fans are present,
  • Have a strong command of English (what’s interesting – Polish is an option),
Additional Information

We’re offering you the joy of helping to create some truly unique games in an environment where we all are respected, listened to and who’s feedback is a priority in our publishing decisions. A friendly and casual atmosphere with diverse and interesting projects co-created with developers from around the world. We are not a corporation and there is no place for corporate rules and restrictions. We have families, pets, hobbies and passions — and we believe work should never overwhelm them.